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We offer ABA services to individuals from all walks of life.

At Cain Behavioral Therapy, we take a holistic, collaborative approach to service. We do this because we understand the importance of family support in promoting positive behavior change in individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our therapists work closely with families and caregivers to create a supportive and positive environment where individuals can learn and grow. We believe in empowering families and caregivers with the skills and knowledge they need to continue promoting positive behavior change at home and in the community. Our approach to therapy ensures that families and caregivers are an active and integral part of their loved one’s therapy journey, leading to lasting change and improved quality of life for the whole family. Not only that, we make sure that the clients under our programs undergo activities that will encourage them to learn essential skills and take on other things that can help them reach their full potential.

*Our services may be conducted through in-home appointments in Northern California via telehealth or in-person, depending on city and preference. We also offer private pay only for all  services for clients in Kansas, Texas, Georgia, Nebraska and New York via telehealth.

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