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Private pay and out-of-network services are available to Cain Behavioral Therapy’s clients ages 1-60 years of age.

Private Pay allows individuals to receive additional ABA therapy sessions without billing their insurance or for those that do not have coverage.

We also offer private pay only for all services for clients in Kansas, Texas, Georgia, Nebraska and New York via telehealth.

In addition, out-of-network services is offered for clients whose insurance we are currently not in network with. For out-of-network services, the client or caregiver is responsible for the cost of services out of pocket and their insurance reimburses them. Please note that it is the client or caregiver’s responsibility and they must have already contacted their insurance prior to accessing services to gather information on if out-of-network  is something they will reimburse for as all services with Cain Behavioral Therapy are final and no refunds will be provided.

It is our passion to support individuals wherever they are, which is why we can accommodate different settings, including telehealth or in-person.

In-person options can be done in school, home, daycare, community, senior living, or group home for direct one-on-one therapy, caregiver training, or caregiver-led.

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